Save a Tree

Save a Tree.

Print Something.

Paper is the perfect GREEN renewable and sustainable crop. The Paper industry is a forest managing, infinitely renewable and sustainable industry with a net environmental benefit for all. We breath it, animals live in it, it cleans the air, promotes the rain cycles and just looks cool.

US forests have more trees than 50 years ago. According to the US Dept of Agriculture, managed forestry practices have been so successful that US forestlands have increased by 60% in the past 60 years. Since 1990 US forests have been growing at 1,200 football fields per DAY. That is 3,200,000 trees/day.  

In the US 2-3 trees are planted for each one harvested, insuring a managed forest for our children and future harvests. The US harvests 2%/year. Insects and fire take 3%. When possible, the weak and old trees are taken first leaving a healthier forest. Up to 90% comes from private owners that could convert timber to housing tracts.

Deforestation is not harvesting. Deforestation is conversion; to industrial development, mining and other uses never to grow trees again. This is a problem, but not with paper. We grow trees.

Young trees also give MORE OXYGEN and take up MORE CO2 than old trees. Many of the harvested trees are diseased or burned trees anyway. American forests, for instance, offset about 13% of U.S. carbon emissions annually. Trees have sequestered C02 to carbon and stored it in the form of wood and given us oxygen to breathe. Growing and managing that crop is really important. Paper and managed forests do that. (FSC)

“Save a Tree”, may be good intentioned, but actually hurts forests.

 (Think, “Save a broccoli” instead.)